December 20, 2010

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This photo essay started with the idea that I would shoot hip-hop dancer, David Escoe during some of the classes that he teaches at Cherry Creek Dance Studio. I went to Escoe’s first class and loved what I saw. The kids really responded to his teaching style and everyone looked like they were having fun learning new hip-hop moves. Escoe was asked to teach some dance classes in Hong Kong soon after our first meeting and left to go abroad. As happy as I was for David, I knew that I didn’t have enough photos to create a complete photo essay.

I decided to use the photos from the Starz Denver Film Festival that I had taken between November 12 and 22, 2009 as a volunteer event photographer. I had a lot of fun meeting and shooting well-known stars and people in the Denver community. I attended and documented the Question & Answer sessions of independent films, the Forest Room 5 Music Lounge, and the Women & Film Reception held at the Governor’s Mansion.

I’m disappointed that the quarter didn’t leave more time to work with David or other dancers, but I’m happy with my final video. I felt very professional putting my photos together along with text, music, and voice-over.

Down Light Pole at 8th and Logan

Firemen Checking the Scene

Firemen keeping watch as they wait for the police car to arrive.

I happened upon this accident last night, Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 7:39pm. There was a light pole and power line down in a parking lot outside of Sleek Lofts, across the street from the Governor’s Mansion on 8th and Logan. A fire truck arrived first on the scene. Jim, one member of the Denver Fire Department, told me that they made sure that there was no immediate danger when they first arrived. He also told me that no one was harmed in the accident and it was reported by an anonymous caller. Jim and the other members waited in their truck making sure no one went near the fallen light pole while they waited for the police car to arrive. They would leave the scene once it was covered by the police.

I was surprised at how the different lights at the scene made the shot look!

Hip Hop

November 30, 2009

I joined David Escoe in his Hip Hop dance class at Cherry Creek Dance Studio where he teaches students in middle school and older. Escoe is a very energetic, knowledgeable and personable teacher and dancer. It was a lot of fun watching him interact with the kids in his class. He has recently left for Hong Kong to teach some hip hop classes internationally!

Denver Film Festival 2009

November 16, 2009


An Evening with Ed Harris


Student Screening: Miller Brothers and Ed Harris

I had the opportunity to shoot at three special events this weekend for the Denver Film Society: An Evening with Ed Harris at the King Center on the Auraria Campus and a Question & Answer Session at the Denver Starz Film Center on Friday, November 13th, and the Women and Film Party, put on by Barbara Bridges, held at the Governor’s Mansion on Sunday, November 15th!


Pawel Szajda: Sweet Rush (Actor from Under the Tuscan Sun)

Women Film Party Hostess

Barbara Bridges at the Women and Film Party in the Governor's Mansion


Women Film Party

Barbara Bridges and Governor Ritter



These events were amazing! I met so many interesting people and made a lot of connections with people in the community and visitors in the film industry. I really enjoyed being out in the community as a photographer, I felt professional.


Actor, Manuel, and Filmaker


Women and Film Panel Member and Guests

Let me know what you think of the photos I posted! Contact me with questions about any of the photos or events as well!

The Lady in Antlers!

October 19, 2009

This week I decided to step outside of my comfort zone (and neighborhood) by shooting the Denver Marathon. The theme for our photojournalism shots that I chose was excitement. I knew that I would be able to find that at the marathon, but not in the athletes. At mile 22.2 there is little excitement in the faces of the athletes, but the aid/water stations always have encouraging members cheering and yelling for the runners! This is where I was sure I’d find my shot!

At the Rocky Mountain Road Runners water station, I found a very excited person, Lis Shepard! She was wearing antlers and yelling her heart out! She was there volunteering and cheering on her teammates that were running in the marathon. As a race walker (for two and half years), she knows how much encouragement is needed, especially at the end of the race, which is where their water station was located. By talking with her I was able to see that she is a very passionate person. She is not only a race walker, but also involved in Team Challenge, a fundraising group for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and racing in the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in December!

Visit: http://www.active.com/donate/lv09rockymountain/vegas09EShepar to donate. Every little bit helps! Please also visit Lis’s blog at: TeamShep.wordpress.com.

Lis told me that the Rocky Mountain Road Runners station and volunteers stayed the entire race, from 6:30am to after 12pm, when the race officially ended. She said, “We waited until the VERY last person came through – even after the course was officially closed and people were being diverted to the sidewalk.  I’m not going to let anyone feel like they’re not a winner because they’ve come that far!”

I found this experience very impactful. Lis’s excitement was very contagious. I found myself cheering for the runners as they came through the water station as well! I had a lot of fun with her as well!

I went out on my first adventure as a photojournalist this week. I had been worrying about where to go and what to shoot and how to ask random strangers to be a part of my assignment. After I was finally brave enough to face the streets with my camera, I found that there are many people just in my neighborhood that I never seemed to notice. Most of them were kind enough to talk with me and allow me to take photos of them.

I first met an older Hispanic gentleman, Perfirio Perez, who works at a couple of nearby restaurants. I was able to really connect with him and help him feel comfortable by using my Spanish so he could understand me, although my Spanish is a little rocky. I think I really like the shot of Perfirio because it was my very first photojournalistic experience!

A little farther from home, I talked with a small group of kids and their supervisor, Amy Tapor (a volunteer grandma), on a field trip of Downtown Denver. I have a couple of shots that I enjoy from my time with them. One is Isaiah working on mapping out the locations of the capitol building and Union Station. The other is of Isaiah, Dylan, and Isaias making crayon rubbings of a small monument. I did find that after I started talking with the boys that it was hard to get them to be more natural. I was still able to catch them more relaxed in a couple shots.

I, later, encountered a pair of construction workers working on 14th and Broadway and Ray, guy that owns his own hotdog stand, outside of the library downtown. With adults it was a little easier for them to appear more natural in the photos that I took after talking with them. I think it was also helpful that they were working, so that kept them in their natural swagger, rather than feeling like they needed to pose for my camera.

I really stepped outside of my box taking the photos that I did this week! I enjoyed meeting new people and am surprised that I like some of the photos I created without the planning that normally goes into my shoots. I hope that I’m able to continue to feel more comfortable walking up to people on the streets the more that I embark into the wild of photojournalism. The idea of finding the shots in some unplanned scene will help me in my practice of photography by making me think outside the box and use problem solving when something goes askew.