Yep, it can happen! Vogue just posted on Twitter (voguemagazine) that “high-tech meets high-fashion at Google’s launch party.” So what’s it all about? That’s what I had to find out, so I went to, and as you can assume when Vogue and/or Google are involved, it’s awesome!

You create an account and get to pick styles of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and designers and colors that you LOVE and those that you HATE (like there is much to fashion to truly hate…). Then their fancy technology, that I will never understand, goes through all of the things they sell on their site and shows you only the things you love! I know, PERFECT!

It sounds impossible, but you get to shop by looking through only the things that you like or will catch your eye normally, without getting a cramp in your shoulder by sifting through rack after rack at your favorite department store! It happens to me all the time! Even shopping online (until now) can be tedious because you have to go through 17 pages of shoes that you don’t even want to look at, let alone WEAR, before you find that one diamond in the rough!

All that has changed with, you will want EVERYTHING that you see on your personal shopping interface! Now, all that sounds awesome, because it IS, but there’s more!

You can also search through celebrities profiles, designers profiles, and even your best-friend-that-lives-across-the-country’s profile and see what they are wearing and what they love and hate, to get INSPIRATION for your own wardrobe! 😀 What could be better?!? I don’t have an answer for that.


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I have worked with Kelly on three different shoots so far: Technology, Walk the Talk-Shoe Ad and B&W. She has been professional and FUN on set. I really enjoy working with her not only because of her talent, but she is also an extra set of creative eyes! I respect her input on hair & makeup and creative concepts on set.

I met Kelly on Model Mayhem and was amazed by her work that she showed in her portfolio. After meeting Kelly on set she is just as great as her work! Thanks so much for all your hard work, Kelly!

Check out her portfolio on Model Mayhem at: Kelly Stylez

See more of my newest work on my website: Raydene Salinas Photography


It has a ring to it… Although I have to say that I’m nervous to start such an intimidating adventure that will last the next 11 weeks. The assignments sound simple enough to complete, but the difficult part will land in the fact that it has the title photojournalism. I love shooting people, that won’t be a problem.

I think photojournalism is intimidating because I will have to simultaneously create photos while developing a relationship with my subject. It’s not unusual for me to converse while I’m shooting or to think of ideas while I’m engaging my subject, but usually I have met and learned something about my him or her before we begin. If that were to happen with this style of photography there could be a change in my subject’s behavior. The real emotion or the possible moment that I am trying to find may not be conveyed the same way if it is known that I am recording the event. I am concerned that my ability to create an impactful photo ultimately depends on my stealth.

And after being stealthy enough not to effect the outcome of my photo negatively, how do I then approach this person or people and explain that I have just recorded their actions and would like to get more information from them?

I love shooting fashion and editorial photographs, this is what I hope to be doing with my photography after I graduate. I hope that my dabble in photojournalism this quarter will allow me to see the beauty in my subjects that is not directed, but is just present between them and their environment. I hope I will be able to use skills that I learn in this class during a shoot on the most scrutinized of sets in my future fashion photography career.